Now transformational
intelligence is the standard

Introducing VERYX® from Key Technology,
the world’s most intelligent digital sorting platform.

The transformation has begun.

With its innovative mechanical architecture, state-of-the-art electronic sort engine, advanced machine algorithms and rich information capabilities, VERYX® delivers a sorting experience you’ve only dreamt about. Beginning now, you have a whole new kind of intelligence to drive transformative results – from your sort to your entire process, all the way to your bottom line.
Intelligent Automation[1]

Experience every degree of Veryx.

Get up close and personal with VERYX® in our 360º video experience. Pass through the VERYX sorter from the point of view of a product, gain a clearer view of the platform and see how it feels to be “sorted” by VERYX.

Ebook: change factors

“Sorting Out Global Disruption and New
Standards of Business in Food Processing”

Food processors globally face growing and unprecedented change and complexity. Growing demand for new products and faster time to market. Heightened attention to product quality. Increasing skill gaps and labor shortages. Most challenging of all, navigating and mitigating the combined impact of all of these factors. With real-world insights from top plant engineers and owner/operators worldwide, this new eBook:

  • Examines how these change factors are connected and affect a food processing business, individually and collectively
  • Defines the new standards of business excellence
  • Offers best practices from running high-performing food
    processing/sorting floors

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